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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Plug" Rhymes With "Bug"

All right all you hepcats, drop your cocks and grab your socks, drop your clits and pick up sticks, the new issue of "Punk Globe" is out featuring an ultra-bitchen photo of Rebecca Seven on the cover shot by yours truly! It's for a great article on my Rebecca written by the awesome Rebecca G. Wilson of Juxtapoz Magazine fame.

Here's the link if you want to read it:

The article discusses at great length the mind-boggling genius who thrilled millions playing guitar in Frightwig, went on to become clothes designer to stars like Raquel Welch, Motley Crue, Julie Newmar, Keanu Reeves, Kiss, and billions more! Her paintings have exhibited across the country, melting young impressionable eyeballs from coast to coast!!! Even the guys in Voivod bow to her magnificent greatness!

I don't really plug too many things I do but just as long as I'm at it check out the Flipside Magazine sitting by Kurt Cobain. Who's on the cover but, cough cough, yours truly? I get around, beetchess.


megan said...

congrats, you two!

Andy 7 said...

Thanks, Megan. It's always funny when you see yourself in a magazine. That Kurt Cobain photo was in "Rolling Stone Magazine". When somebody told me I was in "Rolling Stone" I said "Shuuuttt uuup!" Of course it was only in the background, heh.