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Friday, May 27, 2022

Saints & Sinners

Black velvet wonderwoods of
Venice Blvd, sky darkened like
ejaculations of squid ink
there’s a bar named Saints & Sinners
just to make sure we get it
they hang a neon halo and neon
flames jumping out of the signs

Saints & Sinners slung drinks
with handles like Fallen Angel
The Devil Made Me Do It and
Heaven’s Eleven

With walls of red and black
booths of leather, satin, velveteen
it was Satan’s crib, St. Michael
hadn’t slung his sword here…obviously

The clits here had mad game
I brought my girl here once
and it didn’t stop the saloonsluts
from hitting on me in front of her
all Hell almost broke loose…almost

The drinks were tight
the drinks were stiff
Unholy Passion Sam Hain on the juke
Everclear flames from the bar
Teasin’ a Scorpio with a TV eye

Later on the girl slithered away
I slithered back to the S&S
there was this tramp with flaming red hair
tight red dress
smelled of barbecue and catnip
told the BT
she was “waiting for her boss”
leaned over and axed me for a light
I lit her up the flame shining her deep, deep eyes
plumes of smoke billowed out

A month later Saints & Sinners burned down
to a hellish crisp
was it
Archangel St. Michael
fire and brimstone
or too much BBQ and catnip
RIP Saints & Sinners

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