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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poetry Corner

it was a fuck you kind of day

It was a fuck you kind of day
You spoke and no one listened
You dropped things all day and when you bent to pick it up
You hit your head and someone laughed
Nobody laughed when you made a joke
But they knew what was funny

It was a fuck you kind of day
Like the invisible man no one could see you
People couldn’t move over or walk around you
Like stupid robots with dying batteries they charged right at you
The world gave up on me and no amount of
Drink or drugs or atomic bombs were going to straighten them out.

rot and roll

“Rock n roll never forgets” but it rots
I’ve seen it rot
Rot ‘n roll
I used to walk by the antique junk yard on my way home
A dirty, ugly statue of Chuck Berry made of shit brown bronze
Holding a guitar with his goofy pompadour
Legs splayed like hot shit on a shit stick
Then one day I walked by and his left arm was gone
Who the hell did that?

The following week half his right leg was gone
That must suck he can’t do his stupid splits any more
Two weeks later half his face was broken off
I never saw bronze break like that
A week later the guitar neck was all broken off
The rotting rock star was in trouble
I couldn’t wait to see what was coming off the following week
But alas the stature disappeared
The moral of the story is
Rot n roll always forgets that’s just the problem.

blackbird fan club

Walking to the bank for silver coins
With my inky black hair
Some wings flap by my ear and I feel needles in my head
A fucking crow has landed on my head and he’s sitting there
In Koreatown everybody has black hair
But this crow decided my head belonged to him
He flew right off seconds later
Fuckin’ demon

2 months later
Walking to Rite Aid past the puke strewn parking lot
With my raven feather black hair
Again I hear some flapping by my ear and claws in my scalp
Another fucking crow has landed on my head
Koreatown again aren’t there enough black heads to land on?
He flew off and landed on the ground
I stared at him
He stared at me, looking like “Well, fucker, what about it? I like your crazy black head”
Finally a fan I can relate to

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