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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My nerves are sliding like worms across a frying pan
Your voice is like a fingernail across a chalkboard
My hair is burning through my head I'm so dry
I'd be better off dead I'm so dry - DT's

I can taste the smoke I can touch the fire
Rats are crawling all over my bed all over my head
Needles and pins are shaking me all over
Shaking all over
How dry I am kicked by tattooed shadows - DT's

Sometimes I feel like drowning in a sea of my tears
It's been an hour since I've had a taste
I break into a cold sweat
I'm wet and I'm wild I feel shaken I feel stirred
Set em up baby set em up Joe
So weak in the knees - DT's

c1993, Andy Seven (Scuzzbuster Music-BMI)

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