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Friday, April 1, 2011

Freakbeat April Fools Day

When is a good song just a little bit over-exposed? When its called "Hold On", danceable and groovy but simply not worthy of so much extensive coverage, so in the spirit of April Fool's Day, I give you..."Hold On".

Rupert's People aka Les Fleur De Lys
The first band to interpret this freakbeat masterpiece, so masterfully done it needed to be released under two band names, Rupert's People and Les Fleur De Lys. Both band names are pretty forgettable.

Impsissimus decided to do a quasi-Deep Purple reading to this rugged, manly classic, perfect for belt-whipping groupies and assorted biker wenches. Garrr!

Jason Crest
Jason Crest's career hit rock bottom with their "Black Mass" ode to Satan and other sinister agents of darkness. Here they are covering this freakbeat classic.

Sharon Tandy
And the winner, of course, is Sharon Tandy, crooning in a sublime Dusty Springfield breathiness that adds a much needed sexiness to the song.

So how about it, cutting edge kids of garage rock, its time for you hip commandos to whip up your cover of "Hold On". There aren't enough versions of this magnificent song!

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