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Friday, March 27, 2020

Rocket Fuel Rebop

Cora was a horn-rim and test tube woman

Developing rocket fuel for the Sixties space race

Strict and serious enough for the crew-cut men

When the doors are closed and the shades are drawn

It was liquor love and laughs

Topless ads in the LA Free Press

"Knockers up, sinners" in honor of Rusty Warren

Collecting Twist N Turn Barbies to keep her company

Fucking and sucking in Barbie's Dream House

Cocks and cocktails and the space ship goes round and round

Blowjobs in the bubble bath

Diving for pearls with the pearl necklace on

Rolling and tumbling on the tiger rug tiger rag tiger rug

Sexy sputnik satellite swinger sexy sputnik satellite swinger

Crewcut clownmen steakhouse charlies joking about awards degrees on her lonely long wall

Smiles momentarily melting off her face it's bad chemistry

Hangover harpies flying round her head

Between the beakers

One day she got called on the carpet and they blasted her off

High heels clicking to her lonely launching pad

Cora took a nice hot bubble bath

Fistful of seconals and Dubonnet on ice

The way Barbie would go out

In style in orbit out of this world

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