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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Boy of Summer

Global 61 (8943 Santa Monica Blvd.)= I shed a sultry tear when By George! closed on Hollywood Blvd., one of the few “mainstream” boy panties stores in town. How I loved that store with the framed autographed glossy of Andrew Dice Clay (what is it with the name Andrew and their panties?). And George and his partner were cool guys.

I boldly went to WeHo looking for some panties, something nice and original. Most of the boutiques on SM Blvd. were of the dullard Melrose variety complete with old Persian shopkeeper giving you the fisheye.

Global 61 was the exception, the clothes/designs were original, the customers looked like models Janice Dickinson would have gone cross-eyed over, and I found a killer pair of panties: Black sheer mesh designed by Andrew (there’s that name again!) Christian. Price was a bit steep: $30. It also came in white. I wish there was a wider selection in different colors.

Love Connection (8244 Santa Monica Blvd.)= There’s not much to distinguish Love Connection from the other sex shops in the WeHo area, except they don’t blast disco at ear shattering levels, the walls aren’t painted black and silver, thank my gay God, and they sell great panties and things. I bought a great pair of day-glo green fishnet Male Power panties for only $25 and a bitchen tranny crack-pipe torch for $8. Conveniently located right by Circus of Books.

Starbucks (8595 Santa Monica Blvd.)= My favorite Starbucks is the boy watcher Starbucks in sunny WeHo where you can sit out on the patio overlooking cruise worthy Santa Monica Blvd. Stare bears like me can viddy the nightclub commandos in their disco finest. The dagger debs walk on by looking cool and severe, too. It’s all good.

I like the steep hill by the side of the café with your coffee sitting on the table at a skewered angle, Doctor Caligari-style. I like to have the banana chocolate chip coffee cake with my java, and the java needless to say is perfection, same ingredients, magical preparation. WeHo Starbucks, you are the divinous of the divine…and they validate.

In 2 Male (7974 Santa Monica Blvd.)= It all started with a lame dinner at French Quarter Restaurant. I ordered the BBQ Meatloaf with pine nuts in the loaf (blah) and 100 lbs. of broccoli with no butter on the side. Lame. A straight couple were on a first date at the table next to us (in a gay restaurant – was that supposed to be “neutral ground?”). Double lame.

The best thing about the restaurant were the little stores that were strung around it, like a little mall. Now that I liked! Out of the corner of my eye I spied boy panties in a shop window. That I REALLY liked! In 2 Male has a great selection of C-in-2 and (2)Exist panties, thongs and jocks. They also have cool bathing suits, belts, square tank tops and other foxy wear.

My sales guy, a hot Asian gameboi, got worked up over pulling out jocks after I chose one. He seemed very, uh, enthusiastic, shall we say, in helping me find more nut huggers. I also bought a great jumbo grommet belt. Because I paid cash he gave me an ultra-cool special discount. I’m not saying how much off, why should I? Just go down there and make his day.

Will Rogers State Beach (Pacific Coast Highway & Chautaqua Avenue)=
Will Rogers once said, “I never met a man I didn’t like”. Well, if you go to Will Rogers State Beach you’ll see that adage being practiced over and over again. I went there for years and never once suspected anything special about it. The one beautiful summer day I went with my friends and the gay one craned his head around like his neck was a spinning top watching the buff roller skaters and bicycle shorts boys. Ah gee,a gay beach. I never suspected. Duh!

As beaches go it’s pretty bad, a big smelly sewage drain leaks out into the ocean there. Sea gulls drink from it and pay the price. I’ve seen a few dead ones all splayed out. The occasional pelican can be seen bopping around with the gulls. Their testicle-shaped bills fit right in with the gayous ambience.

The sand is kind of dirty and littered, too, so take a blanket, take condoms, too.
P.S. There’s a great gay bar across PCH on Channel Road called The Golden Bull. Not that I’ve ever been there, tee hee.


Dusty said...

Love this post!
The Starbucks you are talking about…Is that the one across the street from Unicorn Alley?

Andy 7 said...

It's across the street from the gym. I don't know Unicorn Alley, but anyway these were old Y*lp reviews compiled together.
Some crotchety Y*lp queen - is there any other kind? - groused about my referring to briefs as panties, but can there be an unsexier word than briefs? I wear panties.